I recall when True Linkswear came into the lexicon as a golf shoe unlike any other on the market. It wasn’t promoted for its performance, for its flash appearance, its connection to a superstar from another sport, or any attribute save one: it was a walking golfer’s shoe. Here’s the exemplary thing about that attribute-it extends to all walks of life. Yes, it’s a pun and an appropriate one. I came across True Linkswear True Motion shoes recently, and decided to give them an eyeball.

Golf shoes are no longer (at least for me) a course-only option. I purchased two pairs from the sale display this off-season, and both have nubbed soles. I like the idea of moving from home to course to restaurant to home, and the True Linkswear brand (along with others) allow me to do that. This element would be worthy of nothing if the shoes didn’t perform, so on to that aspect.

The True Motion model is consistent with the company’s other lines, in that it gives one the feeling that the heel is lowered and the ball of the foot, raised. This sensation demands a conscious stepping forward, or leaning forward, into motion, into the ball, into the swing. And I like it. There are many other shoes on the market that have Papa-Bear traits of too much, and Mama-Bear traits of not enough; I think that the True Motion shoe establishes itself at the just right level of comfort, color, stability and sole height.

If you see a display of True Motion shoes in your shop’s bargain bin, try them on and consider purchasing them. After a few laps around the store, you will probably flash the plastic and leave as a happy soul.

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