Is the rout on? Only one contestant broke 70 today and it happened to be the fellow who took the lead on Thursday. Raman Luthra posted a three-under 69 to take a seven-stroke lead over club mate Tony Hejna. Luthra and Hejna are the only two contestants below par after the 36-hole cut.

Thirty-one golfers survived to play Saturday’s final round. If you believe in home-course advantage, use this event as proof: nearly one-quarter of the 31 are Crag Burn members. Let’s get back to the action. Jonathan Clark sits in third place alone at +1, while Billy Gafney and Thad Wier III find themselves tied for 4th at +2.

Most golfers struggled to higher scores on day two of the Men’s Indy, but one golfer made an impressive recovery from a forgettable first round. Michael Carrig of Springville country club posted the second-best round of the day, a two-under 70 to jump from nowhere into a tie for seventh. Carrig won’t win tomorrow, but another sub-par round should boost him into the top five. Des Stoll of Lockport also rebounded nicely, going from 81 to 72 to get inside the survivor line.

Luthra’s game is based on surgical precision. Wowing no one with distance, he William-Tells the competition away, splitting apples from tee to green and putting with dexterity. A win for him on Saturday would surprise no one; only the contrary would bring a look of shock to the faces of his fellow competitors.