Four holes throughout Buffalo-Niagara have been judged “Best Of” for their respective position on the golf course. Who will join Sheridan Park, Crag Burn, Transit Valley and Tri-County as “Best 5th Hole in Buffalo-Niagara”? 8 worthy selections have been offered candidacy; now it’s up to the BuffaloGolfer viewership to render an electoral decision.

One par three, the iconic 228-yard hole at Park Club in Amherst, made the ballot. Three par four holes, ranging from the 320-yard offering at Grover Cleveland to the 392-yard knee-knocker at Byrncliff, to the monstrous 474-yard beast at Lancaster Country Club, join in the fun. The list is dominated, albeit just slightly, by three-shot holes. The longest is the 589-yard newcomer at Diamond Hawk, followed by the 550-yard ranger at Stafford Country Club, then the 484 yarder at Elma Meadows and the 476 uphill trek at Moon Brook Country Club. Two county courses, four country clubs and two more public venues look to you to render a decision!

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