The “Best Holes in WNY” series seems to be a hit among our readers.  We’ve had more volume and poll participation than any other series we’ve ran, so we’re taking this opportunity to add some features.  Every three holes, we plan on incorporating the following:

Rochester’s Input – Our “Lyon’s Den” contributor (JNC) hails from the Flower City, and immediately questioned the exclusion of Ra-Cha-Cha holes from the nominees.  After reminding him of the BuffaloGolfer name, it was decided to keep the poll series to Buffalo-area holes.  However, we certainly don’t want to ignore the rich golf contributions of our Eastern neighbors, so JNC will be providing his analysis of the Best Rochester Holes (here’s hole one & hole two)

Tri-Hole “Snub” Poll – Given the nature of these polls, it’s inevitable that some holes may be overlooked.  The Scrambler and Mouth have been adding their thoughts on on missing nominees through the process.  After every 3 holes, we will add a poll for you to vote among those holes that were given “honorable mention.”  The Poll will also include an “Other” option, and you can add your own nominees in the comments section. (Vote for Holes 1-3 here)

Poll Results Recap – We will also run an article recapping the poll results for each trifecta.  We will feature the holes that garnered the most votes and delve a little deeper into why each hole warranted such attention. (Holes 1-3 Recap coming soon!)