It seems like we’ve found a topic that our readers feel passionate about.  The “Best 2nd Hole” Poll has registered more views & votes than any other topic we’ve posted on  One Twitter follower insisted that Crag Burn be nominated for all 18 holes.  Clearly, it’s a subject that people feel strongly about.

Now, it’s time to ask you, our readers, to chime in even more.

In the spirit of Mouth / Mo’s “he said, HE SAID” series, I’m here to add my $0.02 to the list of poll nominees.  Just like every Academy Award Nomination event features notable “snubs”, it’s inevitable that a poll of the 8 “Best” nominees will generate some controversy.

In conjunction with our new Poll Series, I will be featuring the 1 or 2 holes in Western New York that I feel are glaring omissions from the list of nominees.  But, I want to hear more from you as well.  Comment on Facebook, call us morons on Twitter, or leave your anonymous comments in WordPress, but we want you to tell us what holes are wrongly omitted from our Poll Series.

More importantly, tell us why.  “Best Golf Holes” is a topic fraught with subjectivity and a wide range of preferences.  To some, “Best” means “most difficult” while others may think it’s “most inspiring” or “most strategic.”  But now that we see that people want to take part in a poll on this subject, we want to delve into it more.

With that, I’ll offer up my first (of many) opinions on worthy nominees for “Best Holes in WNY.”

Byrncliff Resort #2 –  Par 5 – 483 Yards

I can’t see how anyone can leave this gem of a hole off any list of “Best Holes” in Western New York.  I’ll chalk it up to our Webmaster’s “Northtowns Bias”, but maybe it just slipped his mind.

Byrncliff’s 2nd is just one of the many holes throughout Western New York given to us by the prolific tandem of William Harries & Russell Tryon.   If there is a “theme” I’ve picked up in the Harries / Tryon design philosophy, it is that they maximize the use of natural slopes in the drive landing areas.

In Byrncliff’s case, if you hit in 240 in the air, it may catch an upslope and stop.  But, hit it 250 and you may catch a flat spot or downslope for some speed slot yardage.  However, in a number of cases, if you go for the “speed slot” and just barely make it, you could end of with a wicked downhill/sidehill lie (on this hole, the difference between a 150 yard flat shot and a 175 yard 15 degree downhill lie is small).

For most mortal amateurs in WNY, the “normal” second shot here is in the 210-230 range, downhill to a very large greensite carved into the hillside trees.

Byrncliff #2 – Risk/Reward Second

This sounds like a relatively easy shot, until you realize the creek that hugs the green represents the property boundary and is marked as OB.

What makes this hole so great is precisely the fact that it is the second hole of the day.

I love this tempting opportunity for Eagle so early in the round.  It is perfectly balanced with the threat of OB for a slight block, especially on your first long-iron/hybrid/FW Wood swing of the day.  The temptation is great, and there is no worse feeling in my mind than having doubt creep in and reaching for a short-iron to lay-up.

This is a classic Par 5, with the range of Eagle through Double Bogey in play at any moment in time.  The risk / reward opportunities alone make this one of the best in WNY, but when you factor in the jaw-dropping beauty of this hole, its omission is even more stunning.

To quote Chris Carter – “C’Mon Man!”


Let us hear about your favorite Hole #2 that has been neglected.