A pressing work deadline and a Scrambler Jr. dental emergency delayed this week’s series, but I hope it’s worth the wait.  After comparing the Nominating Committee’s list to mine, I discovered two other holes that I think are worthy of mention.

Terry Hills ~ 311 yard Par 4

Well,  this one continues my theme of loving the risk/reward short Par 4, and this is one of the best examples I have in the area.  At only 306 yards and all downhill, this brings immediate dreams of eagle opportunities and glory.  But, once again, this hole reaffirms that length is not the most important factor in a great hole.

From the tee, the most obvious hazard is the small pond immediately to the right of the green.  But the true “teeth” of this hole rests in the nasty slope of the green.  The course’s namesake, Randall Terry, designed the original 9 holes in Batavia before turning over the reigns to “professional” architects for the course expansion.  His design featured severely sloped greens which demanded your attention in choosing an angle of attack.

As a slicer, you may be tempted to bail out left to avoid the pond, but there is a price to be paid for overcompensating.  Any approach from the left half of the hole requires absolute precision to remain on the putting surface, even if pitching distance away.

Of course, just getting on the green guarantees nothing.  Four-putts for bogey are not uncommon, which may create some polarizing opinions of the hole, but you can put me on the “love” side of that division.

East Aurora Country Club ~ 170 yard Par 3

Nothing too complex about this hole.  Just the great use of natural slopes to create a blind, uphill par 3 to a large two-tiered green.  We hit 170 yard shots all the time on par 3s, but the additional element of uncertainty brough by elevation makes these types of holes special. 

Again, I realize that blind shots fall in the same “polarizing” category as a severe green like Terry Hills’ 8th, but I love the additional element of adventure that they bring to our game.


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