My input is a little late this week, but I was busy working some overtime so I could play Terry Hills on Wednesday. The Southtowns masses have spoken, and our poll seems to have identified Holiday Valley, Tri-County and Byrncliff among the favorites.  In keeping with that theme, my two 4th hole omissions will head towards the Snow Belt.

Elma Meadows ~ 353 yard Par 4

One of the best designed short par 4’s in the area, illustrating the best principles of strategic design.  Options abound off the tee, and the more risk taken off the tee, the easier the approach.

The most prominent feature of the hole is a single large and wide maple tree 210 yards from the tee to the left-center, creating a slight dogleg left with a relatively narrow fairway. However, an out-of-bounds fence runs the length of the hole to the right, causing many slicers additional worry.  The hole does allow room to bail out left of the maple tree, but a group of tall trees just short and left of the green precludes any airborn approach off that conservative play.

The ideal tee shot flirts with OB down the right side of the fairway, leaving the best angle to the green, especially when the pin is hidden in the back left corner.

Holland Hills ~ 521 yard Par 5

The vertical movement of this hole makes it one of my favorites – up a crest, down to a vale, then back up to the green.  The view from the drive landing area is one of the best in the WNY area.

The 2nd shot landing area features some severe slopes and a narrow creek, forcing you to keep focused more than many par 5 offerings.  Even after navigating this zone, the extremely narrow green adds challenge to a wedge approach.