While signing up for a pair of NY state golf association qualifiers, I stumbled onto a link to the Buffalo Women’s Golf Club. Not having any experience with this organization, I contacted Paulette Wright, current club president, for a few answers to questions about the group. Ms. Wright was most helpful and, together with Cynthia Schlabach and Nancy Stone, both past Presidents, gave the following answers.

1.  In four sentences, describe the Buffalo Women’s Golf Club’s reason for existence.

We are a noncompetitive club with the goal of promoting the game of golf to all women in the Buffalo area.   However, we do encourage all our members to register their scores and establish a handicap.  Women of all skill levels are welcome. We provide an opportunity for working women to meet and play with others of similar interest in the game of golf on a regular basis.

2.  Who may join the BWGC?

BWGC welcomes any woman who is interested in playing in a league at any of the courses we offer.    All that we ask is the golfer be knowledgeable of and be prepared to play “ready golf”.  Benefits of this golf club are the social aspects available.  If you love the game of golf and want to make a commitment to play on a weekly basis – we encourage you to join our club!

3.  Does the BWGC have an organizational structure?

Yes, we have a full slate of officers and board of directors which include our past presidents.   There are established by-laws and ample opportunity for anyone to be involved in the club administration.   We have several committees which plan and execute our opening banquet, annual tournaments, travel tournaments, closing banquet, and annual socials.

4.  What sort of competitive events will the BWGC host?

We offer two travel tournaments, one spring travel and one fall travel event, each of which consists of 2 days of 18 holes golf and an overnight stay.    This year’s destinations are Erie, PA in May and Rochester, NY in August.   We are hosting, for the first time this year, a charity event on July 29 at Arrowhead Golf Club to benefit Cornerstone Manor, a women’s shelter run by Buffalo City Mission.   This event will be open to men and women.

5.  What sort of fun events with the BWGC host?    One of the benefits of the BWGC is the social interaction provided.    We host member only and member/guest tournaments on our home courses throughout the year.   We host some winter socials with a golf theme at the local golf domes in Buffalo.

6.  Will the BWGC work to promote golf among girls in western New York?

Yes, as I said earlier we are noncompetitive and are always working to promote the game of golf among working and nonworking women.  An educational aspect is the mentoring by our experienced members.

7.  What are the other benefits to joining the BWGC?

Members have the opportunity to meet women who have the same interest in the game as you do and experience play on several different golf courses throughout the season.  We offer league play weekly on the following courses:  Arrowhead, Diamond Hawk, Ivy Ridge, and South Shore.   As mentioned earlier, we are a non-competitive league.  This aspect makes it possible for various skill levers to feel comfortable and enjoy the game.    Most of our women feel that the commitment they make in joining our club motivates them to get out there and play on a regular basis – which improves their skills. We afford women the opportunity to play several times a week and on all of our courses as they have the opportunity to substitute for anyone who cannot make their regular tee time for that week.
8.  Talk about the club website on NYSGA…

As a GHIN member, BWGC is provided a free website to communicate with our members.  The website offers an area to post golf scores to GHIN, a NEWS area which we are able to create notices of events and post important information, a CALENDAR to track events, PHOTO gallery to post pictures and a MEMBER’s directory.  To be able to reach some areas, you must be a member, which provides privacy.

9.  How does affiliation with NYSGA help the BWGC, beyond the website?

BWGC is organized as a non-real-estate golf club.   Our club offers a GHIN handicap for our members.  By our affiliation, we maintain a handicap chair and a handicap committee.  The club also offers NYSGA rules of golf booklets and frequently provides refreshers on the most used/needed rules to members.

10. What can you tell us about the history of BWGC?

BWGC was formed 2007 when we broke our affiliation with EWGA – Executive Women Golf Association, Buffalo Chapter.  The EWGA chapter was in existence from the early 1990s.  Michelle Tronconi is the member who has had the longest longevity.  I joined in 1998 and I think I’m the second longest.  We left EWGA because as a local group, we felt we could better serve our membership and cater to the local demographic golf needs.  EWGA forced us into national programs that were not applicable to our members needs or wants.  After leaving EWGA, our club grew from average 40 members to our current 100-125+ membership.

BWGC is accepting New Members on all of our courses at this time:  Arrowhead, Ivy Ridge, Diamond Hawk, and South Shore. Anyone seeking information about our club can go to http://buffalowomengc.ghinclub.com or email bwgolfclub@yahoo.com