On Monday the 21st of February, at precisely 9 am, the first pre-season vote on @buffalogolfer opened for your consideration. The plan? 16 unforgettable tee shots on public-access courses, vying to be recognized by you as the best.

How does it all work? In the past, we’ve taken the top two vote-earners from each of four brackets, and ushered them into the semifinals. For 2022, we’re mixing it up a bit. The top eight OVERALL will advance. That means that you don’t have to place top-two in your bracket to move on. If one bracket is stacked with votes, three or four could advance to the next round.

With that written, here are the 16 quarterfinalists, in alphabetical order:

Attica’s 10th Hole & Golf Course, 9th hole: Is there a better look in western New York golf?

Byrncliff Resort, 7th hole: Send it to the clouds, avoid the bunkers, and have a go at the green in two.

Cazenovia Park, 8th hole: Go for the green or leave a full wedge? Ribbon green is like Riviera’s 10th

Chestnut Hill, 10th hole: Nothing like a gorgeous, drop-shot tee ball to open the second nine.

Diamond Hawk, 5th hole: The Principal’s Nose bunkers from St. Andrews await at the end of the drive.

Elma Meadows, 11th hole: Hit the carom and gain some yards. Best flat drive in Buffalo-Niagara. 

Fox Valley, 11th hole: Others are more dramatic, but this one is a strategic, magic carpet ride.

Glen Oak, 11th hole: With tree removal up the right side, time to think eagle.

Harvest Hill, 18th hole: Bust a drive up the hill to set up your finish at Orchard Park’s gem.

Holiday Valley, 13th hole: Not only do you need a parachute, you have two fairways to consider. Stellar.

Ironwood, 18th hole: Nothing ends a round like a risk-reward par four. Yup, you can drive it.

Sheridan Park, 14th hole: The most challenging tee shot in Buffalo-Niagara. Deep breath and go.

The Links at Ivy Ridge, 2nd hole: Simply put, a sweeping, downhill drive that favors shots of any shape.

Terry Hills East, 3rd hole: The only par-three on our list, this one is a forever in the memory banks.

Tri-County, 4th hole: 7-iron to fairway? Driver or three-metal to green? So much going on here = Fun.

South Park, 6th hole: If you haven’t walked round the lake, you don’t know the strategy here.


Did we forget any courses? Yup. We had a big blooper when we flew over the Buffalo Tournament Club. The tee shots on seven and nine are among the best in western New York public golf. We apologize. We’ll find a way to make amends.

Head over to Twitter via the links below, and vote early, late, but often. Tell your friends to vote, and for their friends to vote.

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