A Call To Arms!
>>If you’re on tenterhooks for March Madness and need a trial run, join us!
>>If you love professional golf, especially when world tours collide, join us!!
>>If you live to outsmart the ones who make money at forecasting, join us!!!
>>If you and your buddies can’t find enough opportunities to go head to head, join us!!!!All right, all right, I feel you. Enough vociferous bravado, enough interjection (for excitement, for emotion, that’s generally…)

BuffaloGolfer.Com and Golf Club Atlas are bringing forces together, pitting the most enthusiastic golf web minds and aficionados to spar for six rounds and see who finishes last and best at the World Golf Championships match play this week.

The techno-wizards at Golf Week have graciously provided the battleground for our event. The instructions are simple; the competition is fierce; the rewards, nonexistent. Ergo, for what are you waiting?

Go to www.golfweek.com and sign up for the WGC Match Play Bracket…Here’s the key~

Enter GCA/BuffaloGolfer.Com in the GROUP area and you can compete against your brethren.

We’ll see you on the field of glory, waving your colors. To the ramparts!