After two preliminary rounds of voting, forty courses were reduced to fifteen, and now, to the final six. Byrncliff, Glen Oak, Harvest Hill, Links at Ivy Ridge, Seneca Hickory Stick, and Terry Hills earned at least 50 votes in round one, and at least 100 votes in round two. From these six courses, one Buffalo’s Favorite will emerge over the course of one week of balloting. 90 percent of the result will come from total votes, but 10 percent (to keep things interesting and complicated) will derive from the gap between AYE votes and NAY votes.

For example, let’s say that Hedgehog Meadows receives 180 AYE votes, while Belching Warthog garners 170 AYE votes. Add in the fact that Headgehog Meadows had 140 NAY votes, while Belching Warthog received 20 NAY votes. HM would receive an additional 4 points (for the 40-point gap between AYES and NAYS) while BW would receive 15 extra points (for the 150-vote differential) and BW would actually triumph, by one slim vote.

What can a golf course do? Utilize social media, newsletters, skywriting, to encourage golfers and fans to go to Twitter and vote. In order to vote, you must have a Twitter account and use it. Use the Twitter links below to access Finals Week voting. On Tuesday, February 16th, at precisely 7 am, voting will close and a Favorite public course for 2021 will be recognized. 

Terry Hills

Seneca Hickory Stick

Links at Ivy Ridge

Harvest Hill

Glen Oak