When a course claims two-thirds of the vote in a 90-ballot election, we’re impressed. When a course organizes over 600 supporters and garners two-thirds of the chads in a 1000-vote contest, we’re (pick an adjective, please) aghast, dumbfounded, flabbergasted, bewildered, staggered…you get the message.

This, friends, is what Byrncliff did for the Best 15th Hole Vote: amassed 681 votes for the week, outdistancing everyone else like Secretariat back in the 1970s. This would be astonishing enough if it stood alone. The fact that Byrncliff had been a candidate in previous polls but rarely gathered more than 30-40 votes, makes the week 15 result all the more bewildering. Hey, that’s life, filled with surprises. Congratulations, Byrncliff!