From 1995 to 2010, there was Tiger Woods. The golf industry had a massive attention-grabber, an individual who transcended the sport. Since Tiger’s fall from the spotlight, the industry has embraced a new mantra: make golf fun. One what to do so is to change its appearance, be it the length of courses, the style in fashion, or the look of its equipment. Callaway Golf has introduced two hues of its Truvis golf ball, and man are they ever fun!

So many kids across the world grow up playing soccer. Callaway sensed the importance of this connection to golf and developed a look that promotes the staggered pattern of a soccer ball. After the initial “Really?” reaction of a staid industry, a subsequent one of “Wow!” came from a change-hungry golfing public, including this writer.

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The Callaway Chrome Soft debuted in early 2015, to much fanfare. I heard about it at Turning Stone Casino, where the Atunyote pro recommended that I try a sleeve. Later in the year, the company added the first soccer-ball pattern (red and white) and followed it up with the black and yellow in the spring of 2016. The red and white received some attention when played by staff player Tom Watson in the 2016 Masters championship. The softness of the golf ball makes it a positive force for those with slower swing speeds. The ball is quite durable, and the only way to damage it is to lose it.

In the 1970s, PING release a two-colored ball series that also caught the attention of the forward-thinkers in the golf world. That ball had no staying power, except as a collector’s item. The TRUVIS has a more subtle meld of colors, which makes it a bit easier to keep in focus. I suspect that those who have trouble with flashing lights and disco patterns might have a slight bit of trouble with this golf ball (I’m one of those guys) but for the remainder of the golfing public, it’s a fun addition to any round of golf, and it won’t hold your game back at all.

For a bit of personalization, without the precise data that seems to accompany every equipment review on the web these days, here’s my story: there is a state park course two minutes from my home. I head over there for a $7 twilight round from time to time, and one recent evening, I played three balls for nine holes: OnCore Avant, Titleist ProV1 and TruVis. My swing speed is between 95 and 100 mph, and it ain’t changing! On every hole, each ball was within five yards of the others. In other words, for my swing speed, there is no distance advantage, so the matter is resolved by the type of ball one wishes to play. For me, the TruVis is a lot of fun to tee up and send soaring.

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