The 2021 golf season marked the 100th anniversary of the first Buffalo District Golf Association Individual Championship.
The list of winners has been published many times for the event, which crowns Western New York’s amateur champion of the year.
A more comprehensive record of the event was needed, and after an offseason of searching, the following list of champions, winning scores, event sites and runners up was compiled. Here’s hoping golf fans have some fun looking over the names of the great amateur champions who have competed in the BDGA.

1921: Raymond J. McAuliffe (Buffalo GC) d. Parke Wright (CCB), 8&7, at Orchard Park.

                  (McAuliffe was a public-course player at Delaware Park, went onto become pro at Erie Downs, now Bridgewater.)

1922: W. Hamilton Gardner (CCB) d. Frank Wattles (Wanakah), 6&5, at Wanakah.

1923: Henry Comstock (Wanakah) d. Ham Gardner (CCB), 5&4, at Niagara Falls CC.

1924: Paul Hyde (CCB) d. Ray McAuliffe (Buffalo GC), 2 up, at Country Club of Buffalo.

1925: Henry Comstock (Wanakah) d. Frank Wattles (Wanakah), 1-up, at Transit Valley.

1926: Paul Hyde (CCB) d. Ham Gardner (CCB), 1-up 40 holes, at Orchard Park.

(Hyde was 4 down with 5 to go, won 14-15-17-18. Both shot 82 on 2nd 18. Longest playoff in match-play history.)

1927: Paul Hyde (CCB) d. Frank Wattles (Wanakah), 10&9, at Wanakah.

1928: Paul Hyde (CCB) d. Ham Gardner (CCB), 7&5, at Cherry Hill.

1929: Henry Comstock (Wanakah) d. Paul Hyde (CCB), 3&2, at Niagara Falls CC.

1930: Duane Tower (Niagara Falls) d. Leo Shea (South Shore), 1-up 37 holes, at Meadowbrook.

1931: Paul Hyde (CCB) d. Ham Gardner (CCB), 5&3, at Transit Valley.

1932: Leo Shea (South Shore) d. Dick Stewart (Meadowbrook), 3&2, at Meadowbrook.

1933: Leo Shea (South Shore) d. Mike Parco (Buffalo GC), 5&4, at Wanakah.

1934: Jack Ahern (Wanakah) d. Leo Shea (South Shore), 1-up 37 holes, at Niagara Falls.

(Ahern age 38. Shea, 25, was 6 up with 10 to go.)

1935: George Rayner (Niagara Falls) d. Duane Tower (NFCC), 6&5, at Cherry Hill.

1936: Paul Hyde (CCB) d. Laddie Koehn (Wanakah), 1-up 37 holes, at Orchard Park.

(Hyde age 48, holed 60-yd wedge for eagle on par-5 33rd hole; made 12-footer on 36th hole to force playoff, 10-footer to win).

1937: Charles Novak (South Shore) d. Joe Conrad (South Park), 1-up 37 holes, at Transit Valley.

1938: Edward Sams (Erie Downs) d. Merlin Luther (Erie Downs), 2&1, at Erie Downs.

1939: Warren Kingsbury (Erie Downs) d. Nelson Peters (Delaware Park), 1-up, at Meadowbrook.

1940: Edward Sams (Erie Downs) d. Joe VanderVoort (Shorewood), 7&5, at Transit Valley.

1941: Walter Brodzik Sr. (Buffalo GC-Grover) d. Harold Smith (NFCC), 4&3, at NFCC.

(Brodzik, 25, became second public-course player to win title. He played at Grover Cleveland.)

1942: William Szustak (Buffalo GC-Grover) d. Gil Snashell (Erie Downs), 6&5, at Orchard Park.

1943: No event.

1944: No event.

1945: No event.

1946: Walter Andzel (Erie Downs) d. Walter Voisinet (Transit Valley), 7&6, at Wanakah.

1947: Edward Sams (Erie Downs) d. Lyndon Wilson (CCB), 1-up 37 holes, at Brookfield.

1948: Fran McCarthy (Transit Valley) d. Gar Miller (Wanakah), 1-up 37 holes, at Transit Valley.

1949: Effie O’Connor Jr. (Transit Valley) d. Vince Muranyi, 6&5, (Buffalo GC-Grover) at CCB.

1950: Clarence Hutt (Park) d. Bobby Williams (NFCC), 10&9, at Park CC.

1951: Edward Sams (South Shore) d. Lee Markey (South Shore), 6&5, at Erie Downs.

(Sams, a Post Office clerk, won fourth BDGA title at age 35.)

1952: Lee Markey (South Shore) d. Joe May (South Shore), 7&6, at South Shore.

1953: Fran McCarthy (Transit Valley) d. John Ceccarelli (South Shore), 2&1, at Orchard Park.

1954: Joe Pasnik (South Shore) d. Clarence Hutt (Transit Valley), 5&4, at Cherry Hill.

1955: Fran McCarthy (Transit Valley) d. Rudy Rychel (Hyde Park), 10&9, at Niagara Falls.

(McCarthy age 44.)

1956: William Szustak (Buffalo GC-Grover) d. Joe May (South Shore) 1-up, 38 holes, at Brookfield.

(Szustak, a 40-year-old Buffalo detective, sets record with 14 years between titles. He had 17 1-putt greens.)

1957: Walter Andzel (South Shore) d. John Konsek (Lancaster), 1-up, at Wanakah.

(Andzel, 37, upset Ward Wettlaufer, 21, and Ed Pfister, 18, before taking down Konsek, 17, the NYS junior champion.)

1958: Ward Wettlaufer (CCB) d. Ed Kaczor (South Shore), 3&2, at Transit Valley.

1959: Ward Wettlaufer (CCB) d. Gerry Bracci (South Shore), 10&8, at CC of Buffalo.

(Wettlaufer age 23. Bracci, 22, upset John Konsek in semifinal, in 19 holes.)

1960: John Konsek (Brookfield) d. Ward Wettlaufer (CCB), 3&2, at Park CC.

(Crowd of 3,000 watched. Konsek shot course-record 61 in qualifier.)

1961: Emil Pasnik (South Shore) d. Ted Kochan (Elkdale), 2&1, at Lancaster.

(Emil Pasnik, 42, older brother of 1954 champ Joe Pasnik. First brother combo to earn titles.)

1962: Murrel Schwartzott (Cazenovia) d. Ed Kaczor (South Shore), 6&4, at Orchard Park.

1963: Pete Corrallo (Chestnut Meadows) d. Jack Eaton (Transit Valley), 2&1, at Westwood.

1964: Dr. Karl Englert Jr. (Moonbrook) d. Bill Reynolds (Cherry Hill), 8&7, at Cherry Hill.


1965: Ed Kaczor (South Shore) 16-over 296 at Niagara Falls CC, won by 3 over Englert (Moonbrook).

(Twice a BDGA runner-up and NYS runner-up to Konsek in 1960, Kaczor won in his 15th try at BDGA.)

1966: Dr. Joseph Pantera (South Park) 10-over 298 at Brookfield CC, won by 2 over Fred Brewer (Brookfield).

1967: Bill Herman (Transit Valley) 14-over 302 at CCB, won by 4 over Bob Battaglia (Brookfield).

1968: Dan O’Neill (Moonbrook) 4-over 292 at Wanakah, won by 6 over Bob Gunnell (Chautauqua).

(O’Neill, 17 years, 5 months, 3 days, became youngest BDGA winner.)

1969: Steve Barker (Niagara Falls) 6-over 290 at Park, won by 9 over Lou Singer (South Shore).

1970: Bob Battaglia (Brookfield) 4-over 292 at Transit Valley, won by 1 over Ken Hummell (Cazenovia).

(Battaglia, age 20, was 2 down with 2 to play, made 15-foot birdie on 17, 30-foot on 18 to win.)

1971: Dan O’Neill (Moonbrook) 10-over 294 at South Shore, won by 5 over Bob Battaglia (Brookfield).

1972: Fred Silver (Niagara Falls) 9-over 293 at Springville, won by 1 over Larry Zee (Tonawanda), Dan O’Neill (Moonbrook).

1973: Don Doctor (Gowanda) 10-over 298 at River Oaks, won by 2 over Jon Dale (Brookfield).

1974: Don Doctor (Gowanda) 6-over 294 at Ransom Oaks, won by 3 over Mark Balen (Crag Burn).

1975: Jim Keim (Moonbrook) 5-over 293 at Shorewood, won by 3 over Don Doctor (Gowanda).

1976: Walter Brodzik Jr. (Buffalo GC-Grover) 7-over 291 at Springville, won by 4 over Jay Benson (River Oaks).

(First father-son combo to hold title. Walter Jr. age 19.)

1977: Mark Balen (Crag Burn) 17-over 305 at Ransom Oaks, won by 3 over Bob DeWitt (Transit Valley).

1978: Gary Battistoni (East Aurora) 9-over 293 Lancaster, won by 5 over Mark Balen (Crag Burn).

(Battistoni age 18.)

1979: Gary Battistoni (East Aurora) 10-over 294 at East Aurora, won by 3 over Gary Neuschel (Dande Farms) and Mike Klimtzak (East Aurora).

1980: Bob Gunnell (Chautauqua) 16-over 304 at Ransom Oaks, won by 5 over John Lanz (River Oaks).

1981: Dr. Jim Smith (Crag Burn) 10-over 298 at Brookfield, d. Gary Neuschel (Dande Farms) on 1st playoff hole.

(Smith was down 4 with 2 to go, birdied 17, made par 4 on 18 to Neuschel’s 7)

1982: Dan Stetz (Bartlett CC) 4-over 288, at Gowanda, won by 2 over Frank Mellet Jr. (Orchard Park).

1983: Fred Silver (Niagara Falls) 4-over 284 at Niagara Frontier, won by 7 over Frank Garcia Sr. (Hyde Park)

1984: Fred Silver (Niagara Falls) 9-over 297 at Crag Burn, won by 1 over Mike Klimtzak (East Aurora).

1985: Dr. Jim Smith (Crag Burn) 9-over 297 at Orchard Park, d. Tim Hume (Audubon) on 1st playoff hole.

1986: Dan Vona (Tri-County) 14-over 298 at Springville, won by 4 over Dan Stetz (Bartlett).

(Vona became youngest champion, at 17 years, 4 months, 9 days.)

1987: Paul Stetz (Elkdale CC) 13-over 297 at Gowanda, won by 2 over Dan Stetz (Bartlett).

(Second brother combo to hold title.)

1988: John Gaffney (Brookfield) 5-over 221 at Crag Burn, won by 1 over Fred Silver (Niagara Falls).

(Largest comeback in stroke-play history. Gaffney eight down after 36 holes, 7 down to Silver with 9 to play, shot final-round 71.)

1989: John Gaffney (Brookfield) 8-over 224 at Orchard Park, d. Dan Stetz (Bartlett) on 4th playoff hole.

(Longest playoff in stroke-play history, tied with 1926 for longest playoff ever.)

1990: Bob Gunnell (Chautauqua) even-par 216 at Brierwood, d. John Gaffney (Brookfield) on 1st playoff hole.

(Gunnell, 56, surpassed Paul Hyde – 1936 – as oldest champion.)

1991: John Gaffney (Brookfield) 10-over 223 at East Aurora, won by 5 over Ed Reidy (Glen Oak).

1992: Brian McGahey (Hamburg) 12-over 228 at Westwood, d. Gary Matteson (Cazenovia) on 1st playoff hole.

1993: Bob Rosen (Westwood) 7-over 220 at Gowanda, d. Woody Arnold (Park) and Gary Keppel (Gowanda) on 1st playoff hole.

1994: Fred Silver (Niagara Falls) 11-over 227 at Fox Valley, d. Jay Stellrecht (Lancaster) on 2nd playoff hole.

1995: Fred Silver (Niagara Falls) 4-over 217 at Transit Valley, won by 5 over Tom Gantress (Sheridan).

(Silver, age 50, won fifth BDGA, setting record for longest span between first and last victories – 23 years.)

1996: Tim Hume (Cherry Hill) 4-under 212 at Shelridge, won by 9 over Ken Riter (Park).

(Hume scored largest margin of victory in event history and was first with three rounds under par.)

1997: Tim Hume (Park) 4-under 212 at Orchard Park, won by 6 over Tom Gantress (Sheridan).

1998: Tim Hume (Park) 6-over 222 at Brookfield, won by 1 over Jim Smith (Crag Burn), Kyle Gay (Brookfield).

1999: Tim Hume (Park) 3-under 213 at Westwood, won by 8 over Tom Gantress (Sheridan) and Jay Stellrecht (Lancaster).

(Hume, 37, became first to win four straight.)

2000: Frank Garcia Jr. (Cataract) 4-over 220 at Cherry Hill, d. John Gaffney (Brookfield) on first playoff hole.

(Garcia, 8 down to start final round, shot 67, made eight birdies in final 19 holes)

2001: Nick Amigone III (Transit Valley) 5-over 221 at Crag Burn, won by 1 over Frank Garcia Jr. (Cataract).

(Amigone, 52, became second oldest winner ever.)

2002: Frank Broderick (East Aurora) even-par 213 at Springville, d. John Heffernan (Niagara Falls) on 1st playoff hole.

(Broderick age 51, beat Heffernan, 24, with par on 18th.)

2003: Kyle Hess (Cherry Hill) 6-under 207 at Park, won by 5 over Kevin Crawford (Shelridge) and Tony Hejna (Crag Burn).

(Hess, two-time state amateur champ and a senior at Richmond, shot 3 rounds of par or better.)

2004: Dave Patronik (Brierwood) 3-over 216 at Niagara Frontier, won by 3 over P.J. Alterio (Niagara Falls) and John Edwards (Niagara Falls).

2005: Dave Patronik (Brierwood) 8-under 208 at Arrowhead/Wanakah, won by 6 over Jamie Miller (Tri-County).

(Patronik, a senior at Gannon, became second to shoot all 3 rounds under par in stroke play format.)

2006: Jeff Wolniewicz (Crag Burn) 6-over 216 at Niagara Falls, won by 2 over Chris Covelli (Wanakah), Mike Fetter (Park) and Nick Morreale (Niagara Falls).

2007: Jamie Miller (Tri-County) 4-under 209, at Transit Valley, won by 3 over Jake Katz (Westwood).

2008: Jamie Miller (Tri-County) 2-under 214, at Brierwood, won by 3 over Liam Friedman (Orchard Park).

2009: Raman Luthra (Crag Burn) 11-under 205 at Loch Ness Links, won by 5 over Billy Wisniewski (East Aurora).

(Luthra set record for lowest score in relation to par over 3 rounds. Ten players finished par or better.)

2010: Jake Katz (Westwood) 1-under 215 at Tri-County, won by 8 over Michael Carrig (Springville) and Nick Morreale (Niagara Falls).

2011: Jake Katz (Westwood) 10-under 206 at Brookfield, won by 8 over Chris Covelli (Wanakah) and Matt Stasiak (Fox Valley).

              (Katz shot 70-66-70 to become fourth to shoot all 3 rounds under par.)

2012: Raman Luthra (Crag Burn) 2-under 211 at Niagara Frontier, won by 4 over Danny Yustin (Transit Valley).

2013: Raman Luthra (Crag Burn) 3-under 213 at Crag Burn, won by 5 over Jonathan Clark (Crag Burn) and Thad Wier (Springville).

2014: Austin Nowak (Lancaster) 3-over 219 at Cherry Hill, won by 2 over Danny Yustin (Transit Valley).

2015: Desmond Stoll (Lockport) 6-under 207 at Niagara Frontier, won by 7 over Nick Morreale (Niagara Falls).

(Stoll shot 3 rounds under par – 69-69-69)

2016: Billy Gaffney (Brookfield) 1-over 214 at Transit Valley, won by 2 over Ben Reichert (River Oaks).

(Gaffneys became second father-son combo to win title, joining Brodziks.)

2017: Kevin Borowicz (River Oaks) 6-over 184 at Niagara Frontier, won by 1 over Ben Reichert (River Oaks).

(It was a 45-hole event. Round 3 cut to 9 holes due to rain).

2018: David Hanes (Crag Burn) 3-over 219 at Brookfield, won by 1 over Tom Romano (Lancaster).

2019: Patrick Nealon (Brierwood) 3-under 213 at Brierwood, won by 4 over Adrian Norford (Willowbrook).

2020: Anthony Delisanti (Willowbrook) even-par 213 at Springville, won by 1 over Billy Hanes (Crag Burn).

(Delisanti became youngest to win title, at 17 years, 2 months, 5 days.)

2021: Anthony Delisanti (Willowbrook), 10-under 134 at Glen Oak, won by 3 over Ryan Hart (CCB).

(Event shortened to 36 holes due to rain.)

(Compiled by Mark Gaughan, Buffalo News)