I have an Adams driver and I never disliked the decorative lines that the Adams design team chose to utilize to adorn the crown of the club. These days, when I tee one up with all intentions of smashing the ball into oblivion, I no longer stare at the Adams design. Instead, my eyes focus one last time on this:


Last summer, I sent my Adams driver head off to Club Crown headquarters to have a Club Crown with the Wake Forest logo affixed to my driver. In the interest of full disclosure, I was asked to write a review for another website and the entire process was done gratis. Fortunately for me, the head is removable, so I did not have to worry about shipping the driver with shaft attached.

I resisted the temptation to pick at the Club Crown when it returned, as I deduced that no one willing to pay $50 for the application would tempt fate with such a nervous tick. Instead, I opted to keep careful watch over the Club Crown, in anticipation of the slightest curling or fraying of an edge. Six months in, I have no concerns to report.


It’s nice to glance one last time at my Demon Deacons’ logo, prior to lashing at the ball with all the fury of a jilted lover. What can I say? It grounds and centers me. It’s my driver and it should say so.

The best classification for  Club Crown is accessory product. You can’t specify and call it a sticker, label or decal. It’s more, because it protects the part of the club that visually matters most from dings and sky marks. Your question is: do I invest another U.S. Grant (that’s half a Benjamin) in a club that I paid $300 + for? If you picked one up cheap, due to imperfections, you have some extra $$$ to spend and a way to customize your club head to your personal standard and affiliation.

Despite all the patterns, logos and vibes available on the Club Crown site, additional room awaits. On the company web site, the following announcement appears: ClubCrown is working to add a powerful tool to our website that allows the golfer to fully customize their ClubCrown. You will be able to put on your club a corporate logo, your monogram, or pictures of your children.

I’m not certain that the last image I want to see before I smash my ball into the stratosphere is an adorable picture of my chilluns, but a logo or monogram or other picture would be cool to upload. There aren’t any Club Crown-certified installers in the Buffalo-Niagara region; the closest are eastern New York and central Ohio. For now, you’ll have to send it away and wait a few days for its return. Try to schedule its departure during a golfing hiatus.


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