Talk about tempting fate! I wore white pants, pure white pants, to the golf course…in western New York…on December 4th…when it was muddy?! Forget the old memo on white after Labor Day; I wanted to relive the summer, so I broke out the Cross Golf Andre bottoms … and I was in for a shocker.

They felt and sounded different from other pants, even selections from Cross Golf. About thirty feet from the parking lot at Links at Ivy Ridge, I spilled a bit of coffee on them. Thinking that I was smoked, I rubbed at the brown area…and watched it bounce off the fabric, onto my fingertips. Pheww!

I wasn’t done teasing the fashion gods, however. Along about the third hole, I rubbed the iron blade against my slacks, creature of habit that I am. I peered down, aghast, at the soil that now clung to the (remember?) white pants that I had selected. As the round wore on, a few more clumps and clods found there way against the trousers…ah, pity. At least I got to wear them once before the snow flew.

Then a stranger thing happened. I tossed the Andres in the washer, set the old horse for cold-cold cycle … and watched the pants emerge from the machine, pristine as undriven snow. Wowzers! Determined to elucidate, I headed to the Cross Golf USA site and learned that  the Andre pants are treated with something called DRW.

Remember the Cat In The Hat, from Dr. Seuss? The sly feline who used something called VOOM to clean the entire house and yard after he trashed the joint, just as mom pulls into the driveway? Well, let me tell you, Cousin, that Cross Golf apparently has a license to use VOOM on its pants. Pick up a pair of Andres and tell me if I’m wrong!