I know a fellow who writes for another golf news outlet and just as I opened my two Devereux shirts, I saw a headline for his piece on the apparel company. I learned after I wrote this piece (other than this part, of course) that he had worn them to the office all summer long. Though I was late to the ball, I’m going to be the one Devereux picks. Actually, that’s nonsense, because Devereux is a shirt, not my optimal choice for a date. Maybe I’m the one who’ll pick Devereux.



Photos are not of me, but of some stunning model wearing the shirts I’ve had on during a few rounds of golf. After years of wearing loose clothing, I’ve abandoned the baggy look and feel for the tighter, clingier feel and look. The Charles, seen above in navy and evergreen, and the Joseph, seen below in white, steel and evergreen, laid across my skin like a second layer in a size medium. There was no bunching nor pinching anywhere, nor did sleeves nor tails extend anywhere but the perfect length. Throughout the twists and rotations of the swing, the shirts cooperated fully with my movements, never offering a physical nor psychological impediment.


I’m not crazy about some of the styles and adornment shapes, but I respect the Devereux desire to go bold. I like the collars employed, the split side-tails and the buttonable sleeve ends. There’s a desire to innovate, not emulate with Devereux. You might agree with my assessment. I’ve a sense of anticipation regarding their spring 2015 collection, as well as their pant lines.