Radio forces the listener to develop images in her/his mind. If you choose, you soften the harshness of reality that video never fails to deliver. As I drove through a typical western New York snow shower, I felt the crush of fate that was being delivered to Kyle Stanley across the country, through my radio. The loss of a three-stroke lead on the 72nd hole, long after the announcers had scheduled the coronation, is wretched.In order to learn from the mistakes or the misfortune of others, one must naturally commit a mistake. Kyle Stanley and his caddy must not have taken enough club, or considered the softness of the green, or something. Stanley’s approach spun way more than it needed to, landed far short of the safe spot on the green. Stanley’s three putts (when two would have done) following the ball in the pond, must have simply been the product of the merciless soul of the golfing gods.

What to learn? That nothing is predictable, that you prepare for everything except the thing, the oversight, the accident, that ultimately proves your undoing.