The Porter Cup field swelled by eight golfers on Monday, as three neighbors from Ontario took win, place and show in the open qualifier. Josh Whalen of Napanee showed the kind of moxie he’ll need next month with a 65 for the qualifying medal. On his heels were David French of Camlachie and Harris Bundy of Toronto with 67s. Tied for 4th at 68 were Ryan Troyer of Ohio, Kyle Rhodes of Michigan and another Ontarian, Russell Bowie of Mississauga. The final two spots were decided in a three-man playoff. Thaddeus Obeeny II of West Virginia and Ben Reichert of East Amherst outlasted Sameer Kalie of Campbellville, Ontario, to move into the tournament proper.

On another, quieter note, our skills as prognosticators are raw. We picked eight fellows in yesterday’s 18-hole shootout, and a whopping one of them qualified (Ben Reichert.) In fairness, two of our choices (Francesco Ruffino and Jacob Kreuz) didn’t tee it up, and two more (Marc Holzhauer and Desmond Stoll) acquitted themselves well despite missing the  3-for-2 playoff by one stroke. All scores can be found here.