As noted in my Bubba Watson post, it’s always fascinating when the volatile and fickle nature of golf imposes itself on the seemingly robotic professionals of the PGA Tour.  During the Sunday action at Sawgrass, Lucas Glover accomplished a feat that I don’t believe I’ve ever seen before.

Upon resuming his third round Sunday morning, Lucas Glover grabbed a share of the lead with a birdie on the 11th hole.  Glover seemed poised to expand his lead after a perfect drive on the reachable Par Five 16th, leaving a mere 6-iron in hand.  A splash of water lead to a double-bogey 7, and kick-started a stretch in which Glover notched a score of Eagle through Quadruple Bogey in the next 18 holes.

Quadruple Bogey:  8 on Par Four 4th
Triple Bogey:  7 on Par Four 18th
Double Bogey:  7 on Par Five 16th
Bogey:  6 on Par Five 11th
Par:  Many
Birdie:  3 on Par Four 12th
Eagle:  3 on Par Five 16th

It seems a cruel and ironic twist of fate that Glover completed his cycle with the Eagle on the Par Five 16th, the same hole where the collapse began 18 holes earlier.

I’m sure I may have taken a run at Glover’s feat over the years, but them pesky Birdies & Eagles always seem to get in the way.