The First Niagara WNYPGA Junior Tour had close to 60 juniors at Arrowhead GC in Akron, NY today, Saturday, May 21st.  The weather and conditions were excellent and made for an exciting day.  Doug Uhazie, Alec Miller and Christian Chapman took 1st place in their respected divisions.  Thank you to Arrowhead GC and all who participated in the event. For more information on the WNY PGA Junior program and tour, click here.Boys 16-18

1st    Doug Uhazie    76
Nicholas Matos    77
Grant Latsko    80
Brett Pusateri    82
T 5th    David Berkun    84        Ben Christ    84
Sean Basil    85
Matthew Reynolds    87
T 9th    Jacob Shine    89            Patrick Burke    89
T 11th    Matthew Cohen    92   Josh Sadkin    92
T 13th    Kyle Kieffer    93          Adam Ditcher    93
John Fox    95
William Recktenwald    96
Mitchell Alexin    97
William Ochocinski    98
James Brand    100
Brian Bilski    101
Joshua Marr    105
Dillon Hayes    NS
Tyler Hill    NS
Billy Lumadue    NS

Boys 13-15
1st    Alec Miller    79
Justin Latsko    86
T 3rd    Nolan Ditcher    87         Trevor Dobrzenski    87
Colin Dubnik    87
Andrew Kempton    87
T 7th    AJ Feldman    89             Tommy LeRoy    89
T 9th    Will Dipasquale    90       Nick Dietrick    90
T 11th    Marc Holzhauer    91     Alex Sherry    91
John Dantonio Jr    92
Ryan Stokes    93
T 15th    Ben Brason    95             David Grabenstatter    95
Chris Yustin    95
Nick Izzo    95
Ryan Ostrowski    96
Brett Phillips    100
Garrett Brzozowiec    110
David Hanes    NS

Boys 9 Hole
1st    Christian Chapman    41
Noah Wrazin    52
Cole Phillips    55
T 4th    Nich Peters    56           Aiden Shaw    56
Peyton Costrino    61
Jordan Weigand    63
Nikko Lazzara    65
T 9th    Patrick Fries    72          Jack Petrie    72
Ryan Gracie    85
Matthew Kujawa    95

For more information on the WNY PGA Junior program and tour, click here.