Becky Sauers knew the moment she saw the clothing line, it was a perfect fit for her Lady Links women. Becky is Tallahassee’s only member of the LPGA. Lady Links is a program that educates and teaches women about golf and how to play it. The clothing line belonged to Kevan Hall Sport. Becky… “I was surveying the golf apparel section at the PGA Merchandise Show when I came across the Kevan Hall Sport booth and was stunned by the colors, the prints, the patterns, and the styling.” 

Golf clothing has never overwhelmed the ladies on the links. But thanks to Kevan Hall Sport, there’s a whole new design concept ablaze that has taken fashion to new and colorful heights. Style and panache prevail. Luxury abounds and the line is both elegant and practical. “This clothing line has shattered the protocol “said Becky.

Kevan Hall is an American fashion designer best known for his couture red carpet designs. His creations have been donned by Vanessa Williams, Allison Janney, Celine Dion and many other highly recognizable celebrities.” My clients told me the market lacked luxury looks for the links so I’ve designed this line for women with sophisticated taste who don’t want to run around in yoga pants during the day”. 

The entire line includes dresses, skorts, tops, pants, and jackets designed in exclusive prints and tailored fits that transform a woman into a fashion trailblazer. An active wear line, Kevan Hall Sport is chic and comfortable enough to wear all day long and in any environment. A simple change of shoes and purse will allow her to transition from the fairway to the highway and event to event.

Naturally, care and maintenance are always a concern with any outfit so we asked Beth DePass president and co-designer of Kevan Hall Sport to address, up front, any possible hesitation to the material. “All the fabrics are easy; make that real easy, care. Suppose you’re on an out of town golfing trip. You can wash them in the hotel sink, hang them to dry and they’ll be ready to wear, wrinkle free, in about one hour.   The highest quality performance fabrics used are not only designed to draw moisture away from the body and out to the exterior of the fabric, but are  UV protected as well. Now that’s what you’ll have to call functional”.

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The Kevan Hall Sport Collection favors the active woman by allowing her to transition to and from work, home, and play. It provides a fashion lifestyle of perfect fits, flattering patterns, and feminine silhouettes conveying luxury, glamor, and comfort. The colors are vibrant. The styling is endless. The entire line has enjoyed tremendous acceptance since first introduced two years ago mainly because each collection reflects proprietary artwork that is heat transferred onto high quality athletic fabrics.

“I knew the clothing would be a big hit with my lady linksters, Becky said, “So I set up a special luncheon at the Capital City Country Club and asked Beth to make a presentation of her line. She did and, as I expected, the ladies loved it”. 

The Kevan Hall Sport line is available at golf retailers, select boutiques,  the finest country clubs across the country and online at

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