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That’s the kind of guy Mr Chris Kulinski is: concerned with others before himself. That is part of the reason that he was beloved at both East Aurora and Orchard Park country clubs, before he accepted a job with the PGA of America. On GolfWRX.Com, I’m in the middle of writing a seven-part, monthly series on the 2023 PGA Championship at Oak Hill, but decided to return to firm and deep roots here at BuffaloGolfer.Com. Why not speak with a Buffalonian who works with the PGA of America to further the game of golf that we all love? Without delay, enjoy this nine-question interview with our local guy at the top.

1. Would you please introduce yourself, and let us know your role in the PGA of America?

My name is Chris Kulinski. I am a PGA of America member, former Head Golf Professional at Orchard Park CC and East Aurora CC, husband and proud father of 3 little girls. I am currently employed by the PGA of America as a Career & Recruitment Consultant. I help PGA Professionals with their careers, I educate golf facilities about the value of PGA Professionals and work with them on hiring employees at their facilities. I also lead a team of recruitment specialists across the country that have a goal to “Identify, Inform, Invite and Lead” the next generation of PGA Professionals and golf industry employees.


2. On May 14th, Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester will host a Career Exploration day. What sort of careers are we talking about?

May 13th or 14th will be a very unique experience for individuals in attendance to get a behind the scenes view of a major championship and everything that goes on. There will be opportunities to see the merchandise operation, media center, technology, golf operations and grounds. The day will include discussions about careers as an Assistant Golf Professional, Head Golf Professional, Coach, Tournament Operations Director, PGA of America Section Employee, Merchandiser, Marketing Specialist and many more careers within golf.


3. Who should attend?

The program is open to anyone interested in learning about career opportunities within golf. We ask anyone under the age of 16 to attend with a parent or guardian.


4. What sort of events will take place on that day?

At our past Career Exploration days we have conducted behind the scene tours of the clubhouse, tournament operations center, media center, merchandise tent and grounds. At each one of the areas individuals are able to interact with a PGA of America staff member or PGA Professional employed in their respective field.


5. How will the PGA of America, or the WNY PGA, follow up with interested parties?

Before the event interested individuals must sign up. All communication before and after the event will come from the PGA of America Recruitment Team.


6. How have career opportunities in the PGA changed over the past decade or two?

There are so many more opportunities with the PGA of America and within golf. Golf is an $84 billion industry with over two million jobs. Over the past decade or two there has been a boom in indoor facilities, coaching opportunities, marketing roles, membership director, social media roles and many more. Career opportunities within the PGA have grown a lot. We have multiple departments that have grown over the past few decades and I can see those departments continuing to grow. The PGA has hired more employees in career services, DE&I, player development and other departments and I believe there will continue to be opportunities within our organization.


7. Using your crystal ball, what sorts of new careers might exist in the PGA of America in the future?

If I had to predict what careers will exist in the future I would say more coaching opportunities, social media roles, tournament directors and digital and virtual reality roles. There are a few roles that will never go away like, Head Professional, General Manager and Superintendent. And for people who would like to get involved in the golf industry a job at a golf course is a great starting point. There are so many entry level roles that help individuals develop a network and learn skills that are transferable to any other industry in the world. Golf is a great industry to network and develop career skills!


8. You’ve just returned from the site of the PGA’s new headquarters, in Frisco, Texas. What was that trip like?

AMAZING! PGA Frisco is an amazing headquarters. As a PGA of America Member and PGA of America Employee I am blessed to have the opportunity to get to our new headquarters. There are two championship golf courses that will host 26 championships in the first 12 years. The headquarters building is more than just an office. The building is interactive with simulator bays, putting greens, sand traps, kitchen, workout room and so much more. Aspiring PGA Members will take seminars in the interactive classrooms. Business meetings can be conducted on any of the 4 floors with amazing views of the golf course and North Texas PGA HQ right next door. Our new PGA of America Frisco Headquarters is something every PGA of America Member should be proud of!


9. Have we missed a question along the way? If you have one that you would like to answer, go ahead and ask it, then do the rest. Thank you for your time today.

I don’t think there was a question that was “missed” but I want to let you know that our recruitment team is creating awareness about the $84 billion golf industry and the over two million jobs in the industry. You do not have to play golf to work in golf and a lot of people do not realize that. Our recruitment team’s goal is to inform over 100,000 individuals about the opportunities that exist within the golf industry. Hopefully we can connect some interested individuals with jobs in the industry. For job opportunities visit and to connect with a recruitment team member visit