Although I’m going to focus on a particular brand in this slice, know that there are many companies that offer really nice insulating and weatherproof outerwear that doesn’t make you sweat like a hot-rock sauna. Remember the 2010 Ryder Cup in Wales? Team USA’s wellies leaked a ton, so they made a quick jog to the local pro shop to purchase European-made replacements and all was well. There is a lot of science to complement the style and aesthetics of today’s lightweight outerwear; I doubt that you’ll go wrong with your brand selection.

Sunice Tornado Bollon

Sunice Tornado Bollon

I’m currently sporting a Sunice Tornado Bollon. The collection is Tornado and the model (#2205) is Bollon. There’s a link at the end of this piece in the Breaking It Down! section that will take you there. My coat is the first one, the black one with grey highlights. The coat is lightweight polyester, but not your grandpa’s 1970s poly (nor the kind that inspired the Dean Friedman/Bare Naked Ladies “McDonald’s Girl” song.)

This material is tough and flexible. The collar zips up to create a turtle-neck effect if the wind picks up. The waist is controlled by a series of drawstrings (including two hidden in the pockets to cinch it tight above your hips. Inside the left pocket is a nappy-sized piece of terry cloth for cleaning of the golf ball. It’s a nice touch, albeit one that I have yet to use. At the end of each sleeve is a velcro control to seal the sleeve from the wind. This touch restricts the sleeve end from moving and interrupting/distracting the hands during the swing.

What I like most about this piece of apparel is that it knows its purpose. It doesn’t pretend to be an arctic insulator. Its function is to shield against wind and rain on a typical spring or fall day. At the same time, it works as a second or third layer if you’re playing some winter prairie golf in the Sand or Chop Hills (or some other place where snow is in abatement.) As long as Sunice turns out product lines like this one, I’ll keep the “Like” button lit for them.

Breaking It Down!

Contact Point: Sunice Jackets

Is It Worth The Money: I think so. It’s a terrific piece to fight an average wind and is flexible enough to be a sub-layer when the weather gets cold.

Would I Put It In Play: Yes. In fact, I have. In fact, I’ll be wearing it at Terry Hills on Sunday the 2nd of December!