I’ve turned my attention to socks this year. They are the sartorial equivalent of the soul (not the sole.) After all, pants and polos are easily identifiable, but the humble sock (Neruda dedicated an ode to it) keeps the feet warm and secure. Why not give attention to the wonderful inner foot covering?

Kentwool Socks

19th Hole Collection from Kentwool

Unless you are that dude who mows his lawn in birks, shorts and socks, your feet sleeves don’t get a lot of play…unless you casually cross your legs, allowing your pant cuff to ease up, revealing your style. I’ve practiced the move and I’m darned good at it! After all, this is a sweet sock.

Where I am right now is determining how well these socks will survive the laundering process. Will they hold their color? Will they maintain their thickness? In addition, I want to know if they will stand up to the long winter’s march of 18 holes through snow and slop? I’ll get back to you down the road. For now, I’m still a fan of Kentwool socks.


Breaking It Down!

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Is It Worth The Money: Depends on your cash flow and how much value you put on a sock.

Would I Put It In Play: You bet. In fact, I did last Sunday.