I won’t go into specifics, as the rebel leaders in Forestville kept everything tight to the vest. What I will say is, Tri-County won the vote for Best 4th Hole in Buffalo-Niagara by a convincing margin over runner-up Holiday Valley. Both courses utilized marketing machines, social networks and email campaigns to marshal the troops. In the end, the TCCC cadre was stronger.

When we decided to open the voting to our viewership, our great concern was that voting might be rigged. Fortunately for BuffaloGolfer, the voting platform does not allow more than one vote per IP address. This protective element eliminates one huge opportunity to rig a ballot.

We’re stoked that 250+votes were cast for the Best 4th Hole ballot. We’d like to see the private clubs gain in strength and enthusiasm (averaging 5 votes per club last week was not their best!) Kudos to all the 4th Hole contestants and on to Hole #5!