Beginning in August of 2015, BuffaloGolfer instituted a three-tiered course review protocol. Championship Tees offers an idea of the very best that the course has to offer. Member Tees reveals what the typical guest or first-time player needs to know about the course. Forward Tees is precisely that: an honest opinion that some might consider a bit forward. We hope that this system works to your advantage and gives you a sincere perspective on each golf course

The Inn At Pocono Manor (Pocono Manor, PA)

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Championship Tees

The Pocono Manor East golf course was developed back in the 1910s, thanks to the efforts of Donald J. Ross. He read the topographical maps provided him and instructed a team of laborers on how to build the golf course. As time passed, alterations were needed and a decade later, William Flynn was called in to execute them. He took the original Ross layout and adjusted current holes 7 through 16. What resulted is a truly memorable walk back in time, to a golf course built over what the land had to offer. The course has two blind par threes, a number of par four holes where today’s drive is not the best option, and enough greenside fall-offs to force even the most ardent aerialist to play approach shots along the ground, to avoid a wretched fate. The Pocono Manor golf course tips out at 6565 yards, making each of its sets of tees manageable and then some, by golfers of all skill levels. And what about the “East” designation? Well, the West course land, all but three holes of it, was sold off to the Kalahari Resort in recent years. Although the George Fazio course was enjoyed by Inn guests, a loss of the East course would have been unforgivable.

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Member Tees

If this isn’t the friendliest course you’ll play in the region, you’re loony. The head pro, Greg Wall, had a father named Art who made over 50 aces in competition, and also won a Masters in 1959. Greg is as affable as he is talented, and he’ll certainly spend time with you on the topic of golf, his dad, the course, heck, whatever you choose! As for the golf course, under normal conditions it begins with two manageable par five holes. They average less than 500 yards, so have at a nice comfortable start. The third and the seventh holes are the trickiest shorties you’ll play in nine holes, unless you venture to Scotland. Three is blind but sizeable, so don’t get it in your head that you will hit 2-3 clubs less. Club down no more than one and swing away. Straight is more important than long, since left is dead. Four and five are short par four holes; you’ll meet up with a few more of those along the way. Back off driver and hit a hybrid into position. That’s pretty much how you play Pocono Manor. As you move through the course, you’ll ascend and descend natural elevation changes. Play to the high side of the fairway and the front of the green. In other words, think like a pro and you won’t go wrong.

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Forward Tees

On a course with a number of delightful, drop-shot approaches to greens both hidden and visible, the 7th stands out. The reasons extend from “Arnie made double here” to “where’s the green?” and “How do you hit a 77-yard shot straight downhill, over a creek?” Unfortunately for me, I’ll never know. The 7th green sits in a hollow, beneath stately trees of some great stature, next to a potent creek. This is its undoing. It gets little sunlight and wind, the two critical elements in the growing and keeping of grass and firm turf. Couple that misfortune with the constant barrage of golf-ball darts that hit the green from on high, and the putting surface is rife with pocks and other dents. When I played, the green had been recently returfed and was closed. Instead of it,we played an out-of-use par three from Ross’ original layout, that the club wisely kept for just such emergencies. That 2nd hole was a lesson in visual deception and a challenge, but it wasn’t the 7th.

Pocono Manor Overhead-Course On Left No Longer Exists

Pocono Manor Overhead-Course At Upper Left No Longer Exists

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