This interview was originally published on BuffaloGolfer.Com in September of 2010, under the Travelin’ Duff column

1.            Give us your name and current position(s), please.

My current position is Director of Instruction at Woodley Lakes GC in Van Nuys, CA. I also serve as a Top 100 Teacher for Golf Magazine and a Senior Instruction Editor for Golf Tips Magazine. Editor’s Note: One of Brady Riggs’ pupils, Danielle Kang, won the 2010 US Women’s Amateur Championship.

2.  How did you get your start in golf?

My dad introduced me to the game at the age of 10. We have been talking golf in my family ever since.

3.  What is it about teaching golf that keeps you coming back every day?

I like the variety and challenge every day brings, not to mention I can’t imagine having a real job. I would be bored if every player I worked with was at the same level. Going from the average Joe to Tour player and back again makes every day interesting.

4.  Put these six elements of golf in order of what should be important for the average club golfer and make any explanation as to why you selected that order:
a.  driving   b.  fairway metal and hybrid   c.  middle irons
d.  short irons   e.  pitching/sand play   f.  chipping/putting

Driving- Golf sucks when you can’t get the hole started. Driving the ball well is a must to enjoy the game.

Chipping and Putting-Golf sucks when you can’t finish the hole. This is critical to scoring and to maintaining a positive

Pitching and Sand Play- Still close enough to the green to kill a player’s confidence and score if it is a weakness. When this
area is really bad it can be embarrassing.

Tie between short irons, middle irons, and fairway metal and hybrids. This is usually a fairly decent part of most club
player’s games.

5.  What element of club fitting has changed dramatically over the past ten years that most club purchasers ignore?

The major difference is that the manufacturers are even better at convincing people they need to spend money on equipment they don’t need. If people spent as much time concentrating on the fundamentals as they did researching useless equipment they would be better off.

6.  You make your living as a teaching pro.  Do you still enjoy competing in tournaments?

No. That part of my golf experience is currently on hold. I am not a big fan of doing things halfway. Between family life, teaching and writing my ability to prepare properly is hopeless. Things may change in the future but for now I only play for fun.

7.  Bobby Jones made the statement that golf and tournament golf are in no way similar.  What one tip would you give the average club golfer to help her/him perform better in competition?

People need to embrace the opportunity to challenge themselves under pressure. If they don’t want to feel uncomfortable and nervous they shouldn’t play tournament golf. If they decide to play, they need to have a plan, stick to it and be committed to a solid routine at all times.

8.  We saw Alexi Lalas abandon the red goatee and sideburns to go all corporate with Major League Soccer.  Is the same going to happen with Brady Riggs?

I am a public course kid who still plays hockey and soccer at my advancing age. I hate to lose at everything I do and will bend the occasional rule if necessary (except on the golf course). I’m not a big fan of sell-outs or hypocrites. There is no circumstance that would make me change who I am to make someone else happy. If facial hair is a problem for
someone I won’t hang out with them. There are certainly more important issues in the world than what is on my chin.

9.  What question haven’t we asked, that no one has ever asked you, that you desperately want to answer?

As you probably have already figured out, I like to speak my mind. I am more likely to give an answer before someone actually asks me a question so I can’t think of any subject I haven’t put in my two cents.

Awesome!!!  We need Brady Riggs in western New York!!!