In 2022, BuffaloGolfer plans a series of interviews with golfers from across western New York. Tell us with whom we should have a conversation, and we will get right on it. Today we begin with a gentleman that I’ve had the pleasure to golf with on multiple occasions. He is a great playing partner, filled with stories, and even more game. At the end, you’ll find a photo gallery of his recent trip to Torrey Pines, site of the upcoming Farmers Open on the PGA Tour.

Tell us your name and what you do for a living

Roger Kapturowski, Aerospace factory worker.

Where do you play most of your golf in western New York?

Byrncliff and Elma Meadows.

What was your favorite golf course, of all the ones you’ve played?

Tough question 1.Torrey Pines South 2.Crystal Downs

Which course or courses did you at Torrey Pines?

Torrey South

What was it like to play along the cliffs, above the Pacific Ocean?

It was one of the most incredible moments and unbelievable views that I have experienced in my life…standing in the rough on the 4th hole at the edge of the cliffs 350ft. above sea level staring in both direction at the coast line taking in all could while listening to the surf crashing on the beach. Greatest Rush I ever had.

What did you see on the ground, that we don’t get to see on television?

The North Course is right next to the South.

Which holes were your favorite ones at Torrey Pines?

#4 #3 #2#5

Did you pair up with locals, or were you with friends or family?

My son Kyle future father inlaw Mike Walczak his son Adam Walczak local that lives in San Diego and Uncle Mark Gacek.

What question didn’t we ask, that we should have? Ask it and answer it, please.

What is the back story for the upcoming PGA Tour event there?

For the Farmers the PGA Tour brings in all their own people for food, merchandise, booze, security, tents – Everything it takes to run a PGA tournament. The whole Torrey Pines staff stay home for a week. One more thing: in back of green #3 is a cliff for parasailing and a state park. (Editor’s Note: and a nude beach down below, that television doesn’t show you 🙂

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