If you followed area high school and junior golf over the past five years, the name Ryan Edholm would have been a familiar one. After studying and competing for four years at Sweet Home high school, Edholm moved across town to Canisius College, where he continues to learn in the classroom and on the golf course.

On Sunday, July 9th, Edholm did a thing. He posted a final-round 59, the first sub-60 score ever recorded at Grover Cleveland Golf Course. He chose a fine time to do it: the closing round of the Erie County Amateur. Edholm rocketed to the top of the field, finishing eight shots ahead of his closest competitor.

As if that weren’t enough, Edholm qualified a few weeks back for this week’s Porter Cup. If you didn’t seem him at Grover, be sure to stop up to Niagara Falls country club to watch one of the area’s top golfers in action, against some of the world’s top amateurs.

As if THAT weren’t enough, Ryan took time out of his celebration answer our questions. Have a quick nine with Mr. 59, Ryan Edholm.

1. Tell us about your earliest golf memories, and why it stuck with you.

Growing up being able to play with my friends and family I think is what did it for me, going to junior golf on mondays in the summer at Brighton since before I can remember. After playing 18 holes I would walk to my grandparents house which is on the 17th hole there at Brighton and sneaking out and playing more holes made me fall in love with the game.

I’ve always been a very competitive person no matter what I was doing, whether it may be hockey or baseball or golf and I happened to be pretty good at golf so I started signing up and playing in all these events and loved it.

3. You played well at Sweet Home. What did high school golf add to your game?

Just being able to play competitive golf in the fall and spring kept my game sharp throughout. Just having something to play for was huge for me I think. Also getting all my friends from school out on the course with me was awesome. I also had one of the greatest people I know as my coach who toughened me up throughout my career on his team. I was this little 7th grader coming in and playing with all these high schoolers and coach Tojek was awesome with me and I wouldn’t be where I am today without him.

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