We had a fortuitous meeting with Spencer Levin, a late-20s professional golfer on the PGA Tour and seized the moment to ask him a few questions. Levin won the Porter Cup in Lewiston last decade and finished top-20 as an amateur at the 2004 US Open. Glean what you will from his youthful words of wisdom.

1.What was your most memorable day of golf was and why?

The final day of the final round of the second stage of Tour Qualifying School in 2007.  That final round was great because when I got through it I knew that for the first time in my life I would be able to have status the following year on either the Nationwide or the PGA Tour.

2.You’re a California boy and a U of New Mexico grad, but does he have any impressions of Buffalo and Upstate NY, especially after winning our Porter Cup?

I enjoyed playing the Porter Cup both years I played.  The volunteers and the people are great in that tournament and in that town (Lewiston).

3.What do you consider the greatest strength of your game? Any weakness that you’re working on?

I would say the strength of my game is my iron play.  I would say the weakest part of my game is my mid range putting.  My putting has improved this year though, which is why I have been posting better scores.

4.Imagine that you can only play one course for the rest of your life — where are you playing?

Pebble Beach.

5.You’ve played in pro-ams with average golfers…what 3 things, if worked on, would help every average golfer immediately?

1) Alignment – Many amateurs aim poorly.  2) Posture –  Once again,  many amateurs have poor posture.  Most of the problems in average players’ games start before they even swing.  3) Balance – Hold a balanced finish.  Average players can be all over the lot on their follow through.  A balanced finish will make you look like a better player, and you will hit better shots.

6.You lost a playoff at Mayacoba this year…what did that tournament success teach you?

It gave me some confidence knowing that I have the game to compete on Tour.  At the time I lost I was disappointed, but after a couple of days I took the positives from it.

7.Are you into fitness? If so, what 2 or 3 exercises are essential for any golfer to maximize the value of strength/flexibility/stability in the swing?

I don’t do much fitness.  I work out in the off season a few times a week but that is about it.  If someone were to exercise to improve their swing they should work on their flexibility and their core.

8.You have a talented junior golfer who has no heart, no guts…how do you develop that in her/him?

I don’t think you can help them.  I think that is something that you are born with.

9.You have the opportunity to ask yourself the obvious question that we are not asking you…what’s the question and what’s your answer?

I think the obvious question is “Do I think I will win on Tour this year?”  My answer is “yes”.