So much news that doesn’t deserve its own post, has a place here in “Stuff to Digest.”

That ultra-private tournament for ultra-rich golfers who represent ultra-exclusive golf clubs and resorts took place earlier this week in Orlando.

One of the 2010 Porter Cup runners-up made the cut this week on the PGA Tour. Not saying he might make noise in the Masters (he qualified by winning the US Amateur) but maybe…

Angela Stanford has the lead at the Founders Cup on the LPGA Tour. No prize money kept by the ladies (does it count in the standings?), but an opportunity to play stateside and have all earnings earmarked for charitable contribution. P.S. Check out their new website look.

If it matters, my picks went 25-7 in the first round of the men’s tournament. Won’t win the national stuff but might get me in the thick of things in the coffee room pool.

Sergio may be back…well, he is back, but can he stay back? One off the lead heading into Saturday. Friend in attendance says he simply looks unhappy, all the time. You never know what goes on in the lives of the well-known.

Country Club of Buffalo ranks #92 in Golfweek’s Top 100 Classic Course list. It’s a long scroll toward the end of the list, but quite a kudo for a local club.

Courses are beginning to open throughout Buffalo-Niagara…hopefully the groundhog was correct and spring is here to stay. Check out our favorites here.