I received word on Sunday that Kevin Lynch, aka The Scrambler, extended his consecutive-months streak for golf in western New York with a quick nine at a local track. Did you think I’d give away the name? Dude, the course is CLOSED! I’m not going to spoil it for the rest of the round-stealers. In any case, I didn’t begrudge him the lack of a phone call, as I know he was visiting a sick relative at a nursing home and happened to see a green golfing ground nearby.

The last time I played January golf was…pretty much every year. I was on the road to Byrncliff in January of 2013 to meet The Scrambler and another few. In Erie county, the weather was beautiful but, oddly, when I crossed over into Wyoming county, the flakes followed by flurries began to fall. By the time I arrived at The ‘Cliff, the course was covered in white frosting. On we soldiered, completing the round with pink and yellow golf balls, gloves, hats, lots of layers.

Mo Golf's Swing Is UnaffectedByrncliff 9th - Snow


Golf in the snow is awesome. You do have to be bonkers, like the Scots who play in the wind and the rain. You laugh when the ball rolls along, picking up snow and turning into a disk, before toppling over. You avoid the sludgy slops, unless you have unmatched water-proof shoes like I do. You know that a bit of food and drink, along with great fellowship, awaits in the lounge after the camaraderie on the course. After a while, the snow element becomes hilarious. What matters is finding/retrieving the ball and playing on. There is no longer a competition (unless you have a nuanced pathology and are in need of serious care or jail time) and what remains is companionship and a shared moment. I’ll golf in the snow, in a Bills or Sabres jersey, with an anorack and three sets of gloves whenever the opportunity arises. I heartily encourage you to give it a try.

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