The Peek’n Peak Resort welcomes the Web.Com Tour to the southern Tier of New York State for the Lecom Health Challenge. In yesterday’s review of holes 10-12, we mentioned that each offered a chance to make up shots on the field. The same can be said of the preceding trio. 7 and 9 are shortish par 4 holes, each requiring less than driver off the tee. 8 is a mid-range par five, similar to 11 but more uphill, all the way. 


Hole 7

I remember standing in the middle of the fairway, scoreboard in hand, ensuring that golfers on the tee did not drive. The reason? The landing area is invisible from the deck, as it sits around the bend, out of view. If someone desires, he can cut the corner and get near the green, or into a greenside bunker. Nothing like a nearly-driveable par four to get the juices flowing.

Hole 8

When 8 played as 17, it was seen as a necessary birdie for anyone chasing the leader. Not making 4 meant a probable finish off the podium. As the 8th hole, it offers increased hope as the turn approaches. The tee ball must reach a crowned fairway, whose edges remove the opportunity to reach the putting surface in two. The 2nd shot is played uphill again, past three bunkers on the left. None sits against the putting surface, meaning that any ball that misses the green, will find itself nestled down, in a collar of rough.

Hole 9

While not driveable, the 9th is the next-best thing. It removes the need to hit driver, and compels the golfer to play for the proper angle. This is important, as the 9th green is one of the flatter ones offered by the course. Any approach that finds the green offers a legitimate shot at birdie. Keep the tee shot left of the lake and right of the trees, and the green will show itself.