If you didn’t catch the time-stopping, earth-shattering news, the Right Reverend Mo’ Golf, prelate of the belly putter, hit the first tee shot of the inaugural Erie County Amateur. There is a separate post on the actual (not fictional) goings-on at that fine and commemorative event, so be sure to check it out. You’re here, however, so read up on Mo’ Golf’s Lessons Learned @ the ECA today. It’s kind of a whirlwind, so keep up.1. You can start the day double-triple (while not losing a ball or going oob) and still make the cut;

2. The County Executive is a fine golfer but, judging by his short game, he is spending way too much time at work in the office to regain his tournament toughness;

3. Grover Cleveland golf course (nee Country Club of Buffalo, site of the 1912 US Open) can defend par by locating holes on some sinister slopes;

4. Ryan Hawkins (62), Chris Covelli (64) and a bunch of other guys (6 or 7 at 65) can play! They might go lower tomorrow;

5. If a green at Grover is flat and elevated, or sloped toward you, it holds. If it is flat and fairway level, your approach will hit and skid for a long time;

6. You have to grind it out. Never give up;

7. Grover will keep you honest. If you spray your drives, sooner or later you’ll get stymied;

8. You can play hickory-shafted clubs and shoot 80;

9. Cat Peters has gone from good local female golfer to legitimate D-1 player in the last year;

10. The 1912 US Open was actually played August 1st and 2nd, so if you’re free, head over to Grover one of those two days to feel the spirits around you!