You can get to the dance on merit, but once you’re there, attitude is everything! And let me tell you, Lockport Town & Country Club has attitude in spades. After finishing out of the top spot in the votes for holes 1 and 2, Lockport returned to the fray in the battle of hole #8, won that vote convincingly and has won two more holes since.

The BuffaloGolfer team of writers is fairly confident (The Scrambler is the only exception) of its choices for best 8 holes each week. From that point on, we might differ on which of the octet is the bet, err, best one. Fortunately, that decision is out of our hands. That’s what we like most about this series; the ultimate decision is a reflection of the power of the people.

So hey, with four holes left, don’t let us down. Cast your vote this week for best hole #15, tell your friends to do the same, then return each of the following three weeks and help us decide the final three winners.

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