Q.         Great round today, run us through it. JANE PARK:  Thank you.  I knew that the conditions were very difficult, so I stayed as patient as I could.  Luckily a lot of my putts dropped today, so I was very fortunate for that. Q.  4 back of the lead, you’ve got to feel good about that going into tomorrow? JANE PARK:  Definitely.  It’s a major and they’re going to set up the course tough.  I’m just going to keep the same attitude, stay as patient as I can and take my opportunities when I get them. Q.  Disappointed not to finish with a birdie there? JANE PARK:  No, not at all.  Donald Ross is a great course designer, and even on a par?5 with a good lay?up, you can’t really get too aggressive with these greens.  I’m very happy with my par on the last hole. Q.  You called him a bloody genius, I think, during the practice round. JANE PARK:  I did. Jane Park on 6 tee done Q.  What makes you like his courses so much? JANE PARK:  I won the U.S. Amateur on a Donald Ross course, and I love how they’re visually pleasing off the tee and into the greens.  You can kind of use the greens to your advantage.  Hit it to the middle of the green and they’ll usually funnel either way.  A lot of the pins were in good places today, very accessible, so I’m sure they’ll tuck them over the weekend.   Q.  How did you get to those pins with the winds blowing so hard? JANE PARK:  I hit the ball fairly low, but just on a course like this with wind like this you really have to commit to your shots.  Fortunately I was able to do that today.   Q.  (Indiscernible)? JANE PARK:  Just, like I said before, just stay patient and take my opportunities when I get them.   Q.  Does it feel anymore intimidation in this? JANE PARK:  Yes, definitely.  It’s not only a battle with the other girls, but it’s a battle with myself, and I haven’t had that great of a year.  I’ve been injured, battling injuries, and trying to gain confidence from being away for so long is pretty difficult.  But I’m very proud of the way I played today, and I’m really looking forward to the weekend. Q.  What were those injuries and how long were you out? JANE PARK:  Well, beginning of the year I started one event in Australia and both my wrists were sprained.  I had an MRI, and I was dealing with some sprains.  I had to pull out of the U.S. Open this year, another Donald Ross course, I had to pull out because I had a back spasm.  It just comes with the territory.  Lot of golfers get injured.   Jane Park on 7 tee DONE Thanks to the LPGA Tour and ASAP Sports for the text, and Alex Fisher of Alex Fisher Photo for the photographs