Q.  Thoughts on your round today?

LYDIA KO:  I think I played pretty good.  2?under to start at a major is, I think, pretty solid start.

Q.  What did you make of the course?  I know you had a few chances at the pro am.  Differences maybe today?

LYDIA KO:  I think it was playing a little drier than the pro am did and the practice days, with it not raining last night, that was quite key, and yeah, I mean the course was playing slightly shorter than what it was the last couple of days.

Lydia Ko 2 tee done (Small)

Q.  What’s the key on Friday around here to move forward and try and make your move?

LYDIA KO:  I’m not really sure what the pin positions and everything is going to be, but I guess just have to hit good shots for all different clubs, you know, drivers and the hybrids and wedges.  So just have to, I guess, play my way through, and if I play like I did today, I think I’ll be in good position.

Q.  I read you have a superstition that if you’re playing well on the green, you don’t want to see a ball marker.  Did that continue today?

LYDIA KO:  I even forgot to bring my ball marker today, so I had to actually borrow a quarter from another caddie.  So that wasn’t a really good start, but I putted pretty good, so maybe I won’t give the quarterback to him.

Lydia Ko 4 tee done (Small)

Q.  Not the best start, but good finish.  How do you build on that?

LYDIA KO:  My Front 9 ?? well, the Back 9 was ?? I played pretty good and I came off 2?under on that nine, and to me that nine is a little tougher, so yeah, I think overall I played pretty solid.


Q.  A lot of golfers took advantage of the 14th hole, birdieing, even I think some eagles.  What were your thoughts on that hole?

LYDIA KO:  You know, especially with the longer hitters you can hit some hybrids and woods into there, and I made a birdie myself there.  You kind of have to come off that hole with a birdie or better.


Lydia Ko 16 tee done (Small)

Thanks to the LPGA Tour and ASAP Sports for the text, and Alex Fisher of Alex Fisher Photo for the photographs