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KELLY THESIER:  We’d like to welcome Inbee Park into the interview room.  Congratulations, a great 3?under par round today, 69.  Now sitting at tied for second, 9?under par.  You’ve been playing some pretty consistent golf of late.  What’s been the biggest key for you to keep that going?

INBEE PARK:  It’s been just, you know, everything coming together kind of.  Obviously I putted a little bit better the last few weeks, and my ball striking has been very consistent.

But you know, today was ?? you know, I hit a couple of bad shots and kind of scrambled around today.  Yeah, I mean I still feel like I definitely left a couple out there today, but number 17 and 18, you know, dropping those putts really helped me for tomorrow.

And you know, three back is quite a bit different.  So I’m happy where I am right now, and yeah, we’ll see tomorrow.

KELLY THESIER:  We were just talking when Suzann was in here.  The two of you have actually been in the hunt at British and then last week at Meijer and now you’re both up there again.  Is there something about the two of you, like how you’ve been playing and that motivation of keep moving up in that spot to getting that win that you’re close to having a win that you just want it even more the next week when you don’t get it?

INBEE PARK:  Yeah.  I think you kind of learn from the last week.  I think it’s kind of obvious for golfers to play good for like a month or two in a row, because when they’re striking well and when they’re putting well, it usually goes for about a month or two.  So I think Suzann and I are kind of in that zone where we’re playing really good golf.  And it’s good that we get an opportunity every week, and yeah, it’s really exciting to play in the final round.

KELLY THESIER:  I know you’ve been talking a lot about feeling like a missed opportunity at the women’s British, that you had it right there.  What would it mean to you to walk away with a major championship so soon after kind of missing out?

INBEE PARK:  Yeah, you know, I’ve been really waiting for another major win in a while.  It feels like in a while.  It’s not really that while.

But yeah, I think it’ll be good to actually recover from my mistakes that I made in the British Open and play well this week and kind of play well in the final round.  I think that’s going to be great key going into the last half of the season.

KELLY THESIER:  Questions for Inbee.

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Q.  I know the bombers on tour really loved this course as soon as they saw it and they’re obviously on top of the leaderboard as well.  What about you?  Did you feel like it set up for you as well even though you’re not among the longest on tour?

INBEE PARK:  This course is not exactly for the average hitters, the short hitters.  This golf course definitely ?? long hitters definitely has advantage on this kind of golf course.

For example, I played with Brittany today, and she was probably 50 yards ahead of me on the par?5s, and she was hitting, I don’t know what she was hitting, but probably like 7?iron or 6?iron when I was hitting like 3?woods.

So yeah, I think it’s best to kind of []attack from like 220 than 160.  So yeah, I haven’t really played that well on the par?5s this week.  I mean those are the holes that you really need to make a birdie on this golf course, but I only made one today, made none on first day.  I think that’s really been the big difference, and if I made like couple every day, I think I could have been leader by three or four.

So yeah, feels like a little bit of a disadvantage, but you’ve gotta overcome that obviously.


Q.  Does it mess with your head ever when you’ve got 3?wood in?

INBEE PARK:  I don’t know.  This year’s been ?? major tournaments been very long and wide, and hasn’t been exactly my type of a golf course, but you know, if I play consistently, and yeah, I really ?? I think I kind of have to putt really well to win.  So yeah, I will see how many I can hole tomorrow.

KELLY THESIER:  As you said, you got to watch Brittany firsthand.  We haven’t seen her up at the top of the leaderboard very much recently.  She’s kind of been working on some things.  What impressed you about her as you watched it firsthand today?

INBEE PARK:  She definitely played well on the par?5s here.  You know, it’s really easy birdie for her.  You know, she’s so aggressive player and she goes and just hits it, and she just hits short irons that things so easy to me.

Yeah, she made good putts today, especially on a couple of really tough par putts.  So yeah, I think she’ll be very excited to be there and she’s going to give it all she’s got tomorrow.

Inbee Park 10 green 2 (Small)

Q.  Inbee, Rochester has only had two people repeat as champions, Nancy Lopez and Patty Sheehan.  What would it mean for you to be able to win back to back here especially considering that we’re going away for a while?

INBEE PARK:  Yeah.  I mean I think that’s probably a very long time.  Yeah, like I said, playing this week has been always an honor and being part of the history is always a great thing to do, and especially last year here in Rochester.  And you know, having a great memory, we had great memories here.  Hopefully we are coming back here again for another tournament.

Yeah, I think it would be very special to do it twice here in Rochester.  So yeah, I think it’ll be fun tomorrow.

KELLY THESIER:  Any more questions for Inbee?  Well, thank you very much, and best of luck tomorrow.

INBEE PARK:  Thanks.

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Thanks to the LPGA Tour and ASAP Sports for the text, and Alex Fisher of Alex Fisher Photo for the photographs