Lydia Ko 5 tee (Small)

Q.  Take us through your round a little bit.

LYDIA KO:  I mean it was ?? I didn’t start off very well.  I made a bogey on the second hole, and then I came back with a good birdie on 3, but then made a bogey on 8 and I was suddenly at one over par for the Front 9.  Bogeyed 10.

But I kind of grinded it out, made two birdies in a row and then made another bogey, then made another birdie.  So it was kind of a birdie?bogey day, but I’m pretty happy that I finished 1?under.

Q.  The shot on 17, what did you hit into there?

LYDIA KO:  I hit an 8?iron.

Q.  About 140?

LYDIA KO:  Yeah, 143.

Q.  Do you get the sense that people are getting to know you now with each tournament, each day that you play?

LYDIA KO:  Yeah, definitely.  You know, some people out there today, one of the guys were wearing a “go Lydia” shirt, and I would have never expected that, so I’m so thankful for all the people that have come out here.  I mean, you know, we’ve been getting great support this week.

Q.  How cool is it for you personally when you see stuff like that?  Last year a lot of people didn’t know you.

LYDIA KO:  Yeah.  I guess kind of people know me more and more as I play more tournaments, and I guess the better I play, they’ll know me more.

This is really cool that a lot of people recognize me and clap for me.  And I think getting the support has been tremendous.

Q.  Do you think you can win this tournament?  Can you get low enough do you think tomorrow?

LYDIA KO:  It all depends tomorrow.  I mean the leaders and the girls that are out there are still playing well, and definitely the girls that are four or five shots, you never know.  A lot of the par?5s you can kind of get on for two and someone might make an eagle and that’s a two stroke right there.

Lydia Ko 15 tee (Small)

Q.  What do you think it’ll take for you to get there?  Is it going to be 65, 66?

LYDIA KO:  It’s definitely going to be a low one.  I’m already four or five shots behind right now.  I just need to play my own game.  If I play well and somebody plays better, I can’t do much about it.

Q.  How is the wrist?

LYDIA KO:  My wrist is feeling better.  I can still feel it, but I mean as long as it doesn’t get worse, you know, I gotta just kind of ice it.


Lydia Ko and Meena Lee walk off 9 tee (Small)

Thanks to the LPGA Tour and ASAP Sports for the text, and Alex Fisher of Alex Fisher Photo for the photographs