What do we need to do? What does BuffaloGolfer need to do to keep your attention? I’ll back up a bit to a glorious (for me, anyway) day in our recent history: March 27th, 2012. That was the day we reached our highest daily hit total ever: 1177 visitors. You can imagine how stoked we were…how enthused and how depressed at subsequent moments.If you’re not careful, a number replaces reality. Our reality has always been to provide content that golfers in western New York (and often northwest Pennsylvania and southern Ontario) and beyond consider worthy of their time. A number can seduce you/me into saying “we can and need to surpass that from now on!” And off you go, over the cliff toward self-gratification. It’s a boast, a brag, you know what I mean: the pretty girl or guy on your arm, the sweet car, the new driver.

Well, that’s not what we’re about, nor what we’re after. We’re hear to satisfy you in a golfing way. I need, we need to know what you want from this site. We’re running the “Best Holes in Buffalo-Niagara” poll-unscientific but loads of potential fun. A new sticky post called “Local Course Conditions” is in place for you to comment, positive or negative, on the course you just played. Regarding the first, it has had much success; the second has yet to receive a comment.

We the writers, the invested have had many a winter roundtable over the years at a number of local establishments. An assortment of notions, suggestions and decisions have been raised, offered and accepted. We want to give you more of what you desire. Is it interviews with local ladies and gents of the links? Not always the scratch competitors, but the characters of the courses? Let us know. Do you want more local club tournament coverage? Let us know. More apparel and equipment reviews? Let us know.

2012 has started on quite a fine sequence of notes, from weather to course conditions to site participation. Keep it going in the right direction by playing a lot of golf and letting us know what you want from us.