Quickie for a Thursday morning…driving in, I listened intently as Andy Furman and Artrell Hawkins discussed the Tiger Woods presser on the Hank Haney book. Blow me up! This was no “which side you want, player?” back and forth between colleagues. They were polarized, with Furman wondering why Tiger is such a bore and Hawkins questioning why Furman doesn’t get it.

I then flipped over to PGA Tour Radio on another XM station, in time to hear Matt Adams discuss his colleague (Alex Miceli) and the questions he asked about questions TW claimed to have answered.

From the two snippets I heard (which makes me an expert on nothing) I got the sense (my opinion) that the we are seeing the tip of the iceberg here and that the various media types (golf and non-golf, former-pro athlete and never-pro athlete) will ultimately become a parallel story

For more on TW, check out this presser from the Honda Classic on Wednesday.