5 & 3 on the day, thanks to Moore, Kaymer, Donald, Kuchar and Yang…Geoff y Ben, ?que paso’?  Jason Day goes 1 up, then loses 17 & 18 to lose match.
Moore, Donald, Kuchar, Yang, Kaymer, Crane, Ogilvy, Day

Starting to sound like a law firm. I have no good reasons, grounded in fact, why Watney, Manassero, Fowler, McDowell, Holmes, Watson, Jimenez and Mahan are going home… They just are. Check back tomorrow for my percentage.

BTWs…for those that care, from my original 32 selections in the Golfweek thingy, five remain:  Manassero, Moore, Kaymer, Kuchar and Ogilvy. I have Kuchar and Ogilvy making it to the semis, then losing to Casey and Poulter (don’t hold out much hope for the resurrection theory.) My ranking of 2671 might rise a bit, but not much.