What kind of vibe are you feeling today? What state of mind owns your headspace right now? Thanks to Brian Lewis and company, you can wear it and share it with nearly every piece of apparel and gear you’ll need for casual and travel moments. I’ve known Brian Lewis since his publishing days with Sleeping Bear Press. He and his squadron are thrilled to debut a series of lines in 2022, and I’m even more thrilled to let you know how they feel. Be sure to click the link title for each section, to see what’s availble in your look.

A Coastal State of Mind

What I can say about the hoodie and the long-sleeved tee shirt is summed up in softness. They are super soft. They also go through the laundry super well, without shrinkage. How do I know these things? Well, I ordered my best size on a good day, which means I probably have to lose a few pounds in order to fit it. My enthusiasm for donuts got the recent-best of me. Anyhooo, when the shirts were out of the box, I tried them on…just two donuts away from flawless. After laundering, same two donuts measurement.

Oh, and I also pulled the drawstring out of the hoodie. I’m not a drawstring guy. I figure that any force of nature that requires me to tighten my hood, will ultimately win out. Did you see my New York state outline on the shirts? That was purposeful!

A Midwest State of Mind

I’ve made a few golf trips to Michigan, and love the state. It feels like Canada, without the cross-border frenzy. Last summer, I headed to Wisconsin with some friends, to check out the Sand Valley resort in the middle of the state. Quick update on Sand Valley: it’s currently awesome, and it’s going to get awesomer. I also fell in love with Lawsonia Links and figured that an MSM tee shirt should remind me of my time in the Badger state. Same gig as above. Super soft, super fit, and super reliable when laundering.

Leggings, cropped hoodies, and other options complete the offerings beyond tees and hoodies. It’s a stacked lineup, from our vantage point.

Less Work, More You

I also love Bandon, Oregon, and not just for the golf. It was the resort that drew me there originally, and I believe that I would retire there, if I could figure out how to convince my better half. So, I packed her daily gear in this bag AS SOON AS it showed up on the doorstep. She takes these little tupperware containers of munchies to work each day, so I made up a week’s worth of snacks and tucked it in her car. About ten days later, the bag snuck back into the house, but instead of empties, she had done some packing of her own.

Turn Stop Report: The astonishing part of this site is the sheer quantity of product and interest. Drop-downs include State, City, Interest, Parks, and Accessories. If there is something that you don’t yet know that you need, from a place you haven’t thought of yet, you’ll find it here. OK, on to the back nine.

The way I see it, I’ll never get to use that bag, and that’s quite all right. The better half is nobody’s fool, and she won’t use a bag of inferior quality. If I’m fortunate, the constant reminder that Bandon is Less Work, will seat itself in her subconscious. At that point, we’ll head west and have our own vibe, our own state of mind, along the Oregon coast.