BuffaloGolfer.Com received an email from a local course superintendent, Eric Tuchols of Harvest Hill. In it, Mr. Tuchols asked if we would bring our viewership’s attention to a simple act of courtesy and etiquette: don’t put maintenance workers at risk. Mr. Tuchols, that’s an easy call to make. We’re sorry we have to do it, but we are happy to oblige you.

One of the silliest things I’ve seen during my golfing days is the attempt to whack the cart that collects practice balls at a driving range. Golfers act as though the fenced-in cart is completely impenetrable; that’s not the case.

I think that “hit the driving range guy” is a gateway drug to “hit it at the grounds crew; they’re wearing helmets” or “hit it at the grounds crew; since they’re there, they must be immune to pain.” It might be an inconvenience, but give them a bit of space. Jump and down and wave at them, shout at them, ANYTHING to get their attention. Looking and sounding like a goof is all right when someone’s well-being is at stake.

If you don’t quite get the message yet, we’re patient. For another article on the topic, click here.