1. Q. Let’s talk about the PGA Championship. What kind of major and what kind of golf course? This is a big golf course.

TOM KIM: It’s my third one. It’s kind of cool to have it because this is the most major championship I’ve played so far, but it’s really cool. I think the layout is really nice. It’s a tough track, but it rewards good golf. So looking forward to it.

  1. Q. You, of course, have the attitude. This is a tough golf course. When it gets tough like that, it’s something you enjoy a bit more of?

TOM KIM: Yeah. I mean, well, obviously if it gets — it’s hard for everyone. But like I said, I think it rewards good golf shots, and I think that’s the big thing. You can’t fluke it around here. You really need to control your ball really well. You have to hit a lot of fairways; you have to hit a lot of greens. At the same time you just have to be really mentally tough. It’s a major championship. I feel like this course definitely shows you why it’s a major championship.

  1. Q. It looks like not only mentally tough, but also physically tough. It’s kind of a tournament for younger people in a way, no? It’s going to be long days.

TOM KIM: It is going to be long days. Like I said, it’s a major championship. It’s always going to be long, right, because of how tough the courses are. But, yeah, skill set-wise, you have to be there, but mentally and physically it’s just as important. Q. The last thing is do you embrace — you are newcomer in a way. You are doing really well. Do you embrace the fact that maybe they don’t see you coming, that you could be an underdog and then — TOM KIM: Like I said, it’s my third PGA Championship, but these guys have had 10 or 15 under their belt. Yeah, I like to think of it that way a little bit, but at the same time I don’t because I feel like if I had the game good enough to compete out here and that’s why I’m here. Just if I can give myself at a good game plan, it’s not going to be easy. I just have to try my best and hope for the best.

Courtesy of: PGA of America, Oak Hill Country Club, and ASAP Sports