The goods are always worth the wait. I waited in the media center for quotes to be distributed by hand. Thanks, minions. I waited for the sea of people to part, to get the photographic angles I desired. Thanks, people. I waited for numerous buses to depart, to return to my desk to get this wrap to you. Thanks, readers.

As with all tournaments, there was much to be learned from the players, the writers, photographers, officials, staff, crew and fans. In this instance, a narrative is too much thread to demand to be read on a Tuesday. A bulleted list of notions, sentiments and impressions is adequate.

  • Oak Hill can host a championship golf event of any magnitude. As a venue, it has the space, the community support and the course severity to challenge the world’s finest golfers.
  • Oak Hill could set its course as a parkland or a heathland challenge. The latter would require changes to the tree lines (the removal of hundreds, the trimming-back of others) and the reworking of green surrounds. At this juncture, the membership seems more than content with what it has.
  • Soft greens, followed by soft fairways, contribute the most to low scores, to a degree. After the morning wave of golfers, though, the putting surfaces get a little bumpy and the birdie putts are not as easy to keep on line.
  • Professional golfers all have strong, wiry arms. They pound ball after ball after ball, like a blacksmith might hammer a bar of iron. They would win arm-wrestling contests in bars.
  • No lead is easy to preserve, no low round is easy to follow, no putt is easy to read nor stroke, no professional ever escapes humanity.
  • Cheering or jeering before contact is unforgiveable. It’s not a crime nor is it a sin; it’s simply the worst form there is and should be greeted with ridicule from those immediately around.
  • Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.

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