A fourth amateur made the cut this weekend, although his score won’t count. Unexpected but with precedent, a spot just opened up for a quick 36 holes. Funny part is, Jeff Knox wasn’t in the original field. He’s the fellow that will play with US Amateur champion Kelly Kraft as his marker. Nice gig to get, huh?

Don’t get too excited. Remember, you’re already a member at ANGC, one of the most exclusive (and the most well-known) private club/s on the planet. You’re also a really good stick, probably a 2 handicap or better. You know the course and you have a terrific caddy (since the pros typically use their own, all the club regulars area available.)

The organizers want no one left behind, though, so Kraft will not fly solo through today’s 18. Instead, the marker will keep Kraft’s score and will give him someone with whom to share the experience.

You probably won’t hear many roars, unless your partner starts to make something happen. The way Kraft should look at it is, there are 8 par-five holes to go at in two, in the hope of making three and winning a pair of crystal Masters goblets (the prize for eagles.) He should also earn a prize as one of the amateurs to make the cut, an enormous feat in itself.

And you, the marker? Pretty cool place to be this weekend, inside the ropes. The wife, kids and dog should understand. The cats won’t care.