I know that the eagles are made on the par fives, but I think that the real key to the golf course is the par three holes. I suspect that number four has such a small green that any miss left or right is near-certain bogey. The seventh hole possesses a unique green, bisected by a ridge, and well bunkered. I have it on good authority that the tees will be up in the wedge range for at least one round, ensuring pin hunting and plenty of short birdie putts. Moving to the back, number twelve is the most picturesque hole, yet the lurking creek spoils many bucolic moments. The rebuild of the green a few years back improved the putting quality and the number of pinnable areas. Finally, is there a larger green than number sixteen? And yet, is there a more tilted green than the same? Say what you like about the par 4s and 5s, I’ll stake my reputation on the one-shotters.