Today Callaway Golf has officially announced new Apex Black Irons, and Odyssey Golf has announced new Highway 101 Putters. The Apex Black Irons will be available June 3rd, and Highway 101 Putters will be available May 27th.

The Apex Black Irons are precision-engineered with our industry-leading 360 Face Cup for high ball speeds across the face (in the 3-7 irons). Our Face Cup technology has helped Callaway become the #1 Iron Brand in golf, and on this set we’ve also added key Apex technology, a sleek Satin Black PVD finish and premium shaft options, along with a vast no upcharge list to customize your set. Apex Black is offered as a custom option only.


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The new Highway 101 Putters have an aesthetic design that pays homage to the city of Carlsbad, the iconic Highway 101 and the surrounding coastal area. And the technology pays off our continued innovation with Odyssey, led by our new Sound Chamber insert technology. These putters are a limited edition offering, available in #2, #5 and #7 head shapes.


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Our new Apex Black Irons start at $1,299, and for more information on the new set please visit The Highway 101 Putters are priced at $399, and you can learn more at